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XQuery Language Demo

XQuery is a post-relational database query language for XML.  XQuery 1.0 is a recomended standard of the World Wide Web Consortium, W3C.  click here to try it

  Language Features
  • Supports queries against semistructured XML data
  • Automatic type checking frees the user from having to declare too many types
  • Data types can be defined using regular expressions
  • Data types are used to validate XML content
  • Generalized path expressions are used to access data in XML trees
  • Eliminates the need for relational normalization when used with read-only data
  • This language coupled with XML-based data storage may someday gain significant market share alongside SQL, the prevailing database standard.

      XQuantum Database
    XQuantum is our implementation of the XQuery 1.0 standard and its static type inference system.  The system brings advanced search capabilities to Internet portals and provides unparallelled levels of data integration with rich content.  learn more

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