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Our knowledgeable support staff can help you isolate problems, apply critical fixes, and find workarounds.  We offer fee-based technical support, which is available to licensed users of our products. 

Support may be purchased at a fixed hourly rate in 30-minute increments and billed to a major credit card. 

You can also purchase premium technical support and consulting services through a two-year support contract at considerable savings. 

Contacting Support
To obtain support you must be able to show proof of purchase or provide us with your license key.  Support is available at the following numbers:

+1 (678) 533-4405

Mon-Fri 9AM-4PM EST
Holidays Excluded

Technical support is generally available on short notice.  In some cases it may take up to 24 hours for us to get back to you. 

Before Calling
Before calling technical support, we recommend that you try to isolate the problem by simplifying the query and the XML data it uses.  When you call, we will also need to know the IP address or machine name where the problem occurs.

License Keys
For XQuantum to work properly, you must have a valid software license key in the install/bin directory.  Your license key is created when you install the product from CD.

Our products do not use software activation with an outside activation server.  This guarantees that you will always be able to install and use your licensed software without having to contact us.

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