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About Us

XML is a relatively new standard used to encode and store information.  In less than a decade of its existence, XML has propagated everywhere from finance, health, publishing, and news to law and government.

Attendant with the widespread use of XML by industry comes the need to be able to search and query information stored as XML.

Our challenge is to develop the database products needed to make it easy to search XML and make the results readily accessible.

Our XQuantum database product makes it possible for applications to search XML using a powerful new query language called XQuery.  XQuery's strength lies in its ability to search the complex types of information used by today's applications.

To make this new technology readily accessible from almost any operating environment, we integrated XQuantum with other open Internet standards such as HTTP.

Cognetic Systems has been developing advanced XML Database technology for the last eight years and has been providing systems programming and contracting services for the last sixteen years.

Cognetic Systems was founded by Bill Patton, who is the company's president.  He has been developing software for the web since 1995 and XML data management systems since 1997. 

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